In Beresford, South Dakota, the First Savings Bank has been in business for over 100 years. They have 22 locations in six states today. This bank operates in South Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona. The distance between our bank in Beresford and our banks in El Paso, TX, is approximately 1,200 miles, which sometimes makes administration difficult. Its philosophy is to offer excellent customer service and bring the bank closer to the customer.First-Savings-Credit-Card (1)

First Savings Credit Card that’s unsecured for customers with bad credit. Founded in 1913 in Beresford, South Dakota, First Savings Bank issues the card only to eligible customers following pre-selected credit offers. The bank will not accept orders from customers who have not received a pre-selected credit offer for this credit card.

First Saving Bank’s footprint has always been to provide commercial and agricultural credit. They also have credit card transactions. More than half of the sites are small rural communities, mainly in South Dakota and New Mexico. They operate from communities of less than 100 to metropolitan markets of 500,000, such as Las Vegas, Omaha, and El Paso. Additionally, technologies such as merchant capture, mobile capture, mobile banking, and online banking facilitate this process.First-Saving-Bank

First Savings Bank is launching MasterCard® SecureCodeTM, a free service designed to augment your existing First Savings Bank MasterCard® account. Your private security code protects you against unauthorized use of your card when shopping online at participating retailers. As a highly respected community leader and symbol of trust, your mission is to improve the lives of your customers, employees, community, and shareholders.

First Savings Bank issues this Mastercard offer (called First Savings Bank Credit Card). Consumers or “personal users” with good credit may apply for this card. Fees may vary by applicant, but the lowest standard APR is 14.90%* (variable)* and can be as high as 29.9%* (variable)* depending on your credit history*.