First Savings Credit Card

For those whose track record is not perfect, you are always welcome to receive an invitation for an application. So this credit card is a matter of invitation. First Savings Bank typically sends invitations to high-risk credit card applicants to allow them to establish their credit history.First-Savings-Credit-Card (1)

Issued by First Savings Bank in Beresford, South Dakota, this card is a card to apply for if you don’t have perfect credit. It is for people who want to repair their damaged credit score but have no other way.


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But just because you’ve received an invitation to apply for that credit card doesn’t mean you have to do it blindly. In this article, we will review this credit card in detail to help you decide whether or not to apply. Read on for more information.

Steps For Registration At

After receiving an invitation offer, you can apply for First Savings Credit Card. You must follow a simple application process and submit your application to do this. All you need to do is follow the guidelines below.

  • You must first access the First Savings Bank website (
  • You must click on the green “ACCEPT ONLINE” button on this website.
  • The following page contains an application form; you have to send. First, enter your reservation number in the first field and your access code in the second field. Then click Next”.
  • You must then enter and confirm your mailing address on the next page. Then click Next”.


  • Immediately after, you will see the completed application form. At this point, you must complete it and provide all the necessary information. In the end, you need to click “Next.”
  • Finally, you must read and accept the terms of the offer and check the box next to “Accept.” Then submit your order.
  • In the end, all you have to do is wait to receive the result of your request. You will get your credit card as soon as it is approved.

Guide To FirstsavingsCC Login

  • Once your application is accepted, and you become a cardholder, you can easily log in to manage your First Savings credit card account. The steps for First Savings Credit Card Login are listed below:
  • Visit the website ( for First Savings Credit Card Login.
  • Click on the “Account Login” button.

First-Savings-Credit-Card-Login (1)

  • After clicking the “Account Login” button, this website will take you to the First Savings Credit Card Login Portal.
  • On this portal, enter your username and password that you received when registering with the First Savings credit card.
  • After entering your credentials (username and password), click on “Login.”
  • By clicking Login after entering your username and password, you have successfully logged in to your respective First Savings credit card account.

How To Reset Your Username And Password?

The credit card issuer made it easy for customers to reset their usernames and passwords and regain access to their online accounts. Many First Savings Bank credit card customers have forgotten their username and password and cannot log into their respective accounts through the First Savings Credit Card Login portal.

Follow a few steps outlined below, and you can do it simply by following the few steps outlined below:

  • Visit the website (
  • Click on the “Account Login” button. The Account Login button will take you to the First Savings Credit Card Login Portal.
  • Select “Forgot my username or password”on the First Savings Credit Card Login portal.
  • Click Continue”.
  • Enter your account number, expiration date, card security code, and the last four digits of your SSN and click Next.

Ways To Activate Your Credit Card

The steps to activate your First Savings credit card are listed below:

  • Visit the website ( The user can activate the card by first accessing the First Savings Credit Card homepage at and following the “Account Login” tab.
  • The user must click on the “Register a new user” link on the account login page.
  • When prompted, the user will have to enter their account number, card expiration date, card security code (CVV), last four digits of the user’s CPF, username, password, password confirmation, email address, email, and mobile number.
  • If you don’t want your mobile number to appear for notifications and calls, check the box next to the words “I prefer not to add my mobile number.”
  • Read the terms and conditions and check the box next to “I agree with the terms.”. Click on “Register.”

Benefits And Features Of First Savings Credit Card

Before applying for the First Savings Credit Card, many customers want to know about the benefits of this card and who will receive First Savings Credit Card reviews. First Savings Credit Card reviews are provided by existing First Savings Bank Credit Card users for their benefits so that future new users can enjoy the same benefits they receive from the First Savings Credit Card. The page is for new users so they can read First Savings Credit Card reviews and apply on the First Savings Bank Credit Card website.FirstsavingsCC benefits are listed below:

  1. Convenience

A credit card offers consumers many conveniences. Using a credit card is simple, with minimal fuss and hassle, which can be very important when making large purchases.

  1. Availability of Funds

One of the main advantages of credit cards is revolving credits. Essentially, your users can borrow up to a set limit anytime, anywhere, so they don’t have to reapply every time they need new funding.

  1. Some Credit Cards Have Lower Fees

This card has lower costs, which may be suitable for people who like to have credit cards and want to minimize their expenses. For example, there is a credit card with no annual fee. Also, some credit cards have better interest rates on purchases than others.

Customer Service For Card Holders

First Savings Credit Card will establish customer service centers for First Savings Bank credit card users in the United States of America. Customers can direct questions and complaints to our First Savings credit card phone number anytime between 7:00 am and 9:00 pm Central Standard Time: 1-888-469-0291.

First Savings Credit Card customer service representatives will be happy to answer your questions and complaints. One thing everyone should do is call our First Savings credit card phone number above. First Savings Bank Credit Card customers can contact us with questions or complaints about the Credit Card. First Savings Credit Card Customer Service Centers are listed below:

Main Address and Correspondence Address:

First Savings Credit Card

PO Box 5019, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5019

Payment Address:

First Savings Credit Card

PO Box 2509

Omaha, NE 68103-2509

Offers Available At First Savings Cards

First Savings bank provides you with five different offers depending on your creditworthiness:

Offer 1: 

APR on purchases- 14.9%

APR for cash advances- 23.9%

Annual charges- 0

Transactional fees-  Either $10 or 4% of each cash advance, whichever is greater. For foreign transactions, 2% of each transaction.

Offer 2, Offer 3, Offer 5:

APR on purchases- 29.9%

APR for cash advances- 29.9%

Annual charges- $75 and an additional $20 if you add a cardholder to your account.

Transactional fees-  2% of each cash advance

Offer 4:

APR on purchases- 29.9%

APR for cash advances- 29.9%

Annual charges- $49 and an additional $20 if you add a cardholder to your account.

Transactional fees-  2% of each cash advance

Bill Payments And Fees For First Savings Bank Credit Card

The First Savings Credit Card charges fees for your payments through different methods. Below is the procedure for paying bills, including an overview of the First Savings credit card commission:

How To Make Bill Payments?

  • The easiest way to pay your bills is through the First Savings credit card online portal. You can also set up automatic payments after registering your account online.
  • You can also pay via MoneyGram using code 3890 or Western Union using city/state code FSCC/SD.
  • Debit card payments through customer service are also possible but would incur a $3.95 processing fee.
  • You can also send First Savings credit card payments to your mailing address:

First Savings Credit Card;

P.O. Box 2509;

Omaha, NE 68103-2509.

Fees And Rates

In addition to requiring an invitation, this credit card has several conditions that you must meet to complete the order. Prices and fees include the following:

Annual Fee = $49

Minimum Credit Limit = $350

APR for Purchases = 29.9%

APR for Cash Advances = 29.9%

Authorized User Fee = $20 annually (optional)

Late Payment Fee = Up to $25

Returned Payment Fee = Up to $25

Official SiteFirst Savings Credit Card
CountryUnited States Of America
Registration RequiredYes
Mobile Application Yes
Managed ByMastercard International, Inc.

Mobile Application For 1st Savings Credit Card

Do you have smartphones, tablets, or iPads with you? I hope our first Sparkasse credit card customers will have the same. Nowadays, all our daily transactions occur using smartphones as many creative engineers have developed various applications. Transactions are carried out by simply creating an account in several valuable apps for your daily transactional work.

Issued by First Savings Bank in Beresford, South Dakota, the 1st Savings Credit Card is a card to apply for if you don’t have perfect credit. First Savings Bank launched its mobile credit card app on May 7, 2019, called First Savings Credit Card App.First-Savings-Credit-Card-Mobile-Application (1)

Features Of The 1st Savings Credit Card App Include:

  • Access Your First Savings Credit Card Account
    • You may easily access or log in to your first saving credit account virtually anywhere through our mobile app. View transactions, pay a bill, check your balance, etc.
  • Fast And Easy Account Access
    • Secure connection
  • Stay In-The-Know When You’re On The Go
    • Sign up for account notifications and set your notification preferences to monitor your account activity.
    • Set up and manage notifications when your payment is due or when your bank records a transaction
  • Manage Your First Savings Credit Card Account
    •  Check your balance and available funds and view or download monthly statements.
    •  View payment due date and make payments
    •   Manage automatic payment by registering, modifying, or canceling
    •  Update account information (address and phone number)

About First Savings Bank

In operation for over 100 years, First Savings Bank is headquartered in Beresford, S.D. Today we have 22 locations in six states. We operate in South Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona. The distance between our bank in Beresford and our banks in El Paso, TX, is approximately 1,200 miles, which sometimes makes administration difficult.

First Savings Bank and First Savings Financial Group have a long history of community service in southern Indiana. As part of this commitment, First Savings Charitable Foundation. In October 2008, the foundation was formed and turned into a corporation.First-Saving-Bank

First Savings Bank is launching MasterCard® SecureCodeTM, a free service designed to augment your existing First Savings Bank MasterCard® account. A personal security code protects you against unauthorized card use when shopping online at participating retailers. When prompted by First Savings Bank, entering your private security code during the checkout process at participating online retailers is just a matter of entering your private security code. Once your identity is verified, your purchase is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are the questions and answers:

How Does First Savings Credit Card Rental Car Insurance Work?

First Savings Bank does not disclose how your credit card’s rental car insurance works. Call First Savings Credit Card Phone number at 1-888-469-0291 and ask the customer service team about your card benefits.

How Much Do You Earn With The First Savings Credit Card?

It’s a credit card. You won’t get rewards just for using it to pay. The most significant benefit is that it allows you to build your bankroll over time. Just it.


The First Savings credit card can effectively improve your credit score if you make payments on time and do not miss any charges because missing a single payment can cause problems. This article covers your enrollment and activation process, registering or resetting your credentials via the First Savings Credit Card registration portal, paying your credit bills, etc.

The overall First Savings credit card experience depends on your credit history. Each credit card has specific terms and conditions that include different APRs, penalties, transaction fees, interest rates, cash advance fees, etc. It does not offer any cashback or reward programs, and the annual price and interest rate are higher.


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